Research Focus

Licensing & Collaboration

Our research and technology has resulted in program opportunities outside our core clinical development strategy.  Palatin is seeking partners to advance these opportunities, and will consider a variety of licensing or research collaboration arrangements.

Palatin Technologies has extensive experience in research and development collaborations with both global and specialty pharmaceutical companies, and welcomes the opportunity to provide our services in developing licensed technology.

Opportunities include:

Several series of patented and patent-pending highly selective melanocortin receptor 1 agonists have been developed. Peptide series are highly specific (binding Ki at MC1r as low as 0.01 nM) and selective (MC1r to MC4r Ki ratios of up to 10,000).  Palatin is developing MC1r product candidates for certain indications, but will consider licensing for other indications.

Specific and selective melanocortin 4 receptor agonist peptides and small molecules for indications outside the sexual dysfunction market.

Natriuretic peptide compounds, include high-affinity NPR-C ligand, NPR-B agonists and dual NPR-A and NPR-B agonists.