About Us

Palatin Scientific Advisors

Palatin believes strongly in seeking the guidance of nationally and regionally recognized experts in drug development. This helps to ensure our products are developed to meet the needs of patients and treating physicians. Gathering advice from experienced expert clinicians and drug developers enables Palatin to critically assess the safety and efficacy of our development candidates in the areas most important to the end user as well as FDA.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Expert Panel

The FSD Expert Panel is a community of internationally recognized scientists, academicians and medical practitioners who are helping us develop and optimize bremelanotide for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). These female sexual dysfunction experts are dedicated to improving female sexual health, and share in our vision of addressing the significant unmet medical needs of patients. Importantly, their insights and experience also help us understand the educational needs of patients and healthcare providers in raising awareness of HSDD and encouraging productive dialogue between patients and physicians to assist in recognition, diagnosis and therapeutic interventions, both medical and non-medical. View Female Sexual Dysfunction Expert Panel Here.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Healthcare Provider Expert Panel

To help to ensure that the clinical development program for bremelanotide is designed to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers, Palatin works closely with practicing regional US experts in the field of female sexual health. These providers have a unique perspective that is helpful to Palatin in not only understanding the clinical trial results, safety and potential value of bremelanotide in hypoactive sexual desire disorder, but also in helping Palatin understand knowledge gaps among practitioners about the condition. Their insights are important in helping Palatin raise awareness and understanding of female sexual health. This provides an opportunity for Palatin to invest in appropriate and beneficial non-drug educational initiatives to help further understanding of female sexual disorders, raise awareness of diagnostic tools and tips for having productive physician:patient interactions, and increase understanding of the neurobiology of female sexual dysfunction. View Female Sexual Dysfunction Healthcare Provider Expert Panel Here.